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Journalist Resource May 17, 2021

Behind the Story: Forest Restoration in Southeast Asia

A community reforestation project in Central Java, Indonesia.

Despite having the largest share of the world's tropical forest, Southeast Asia has become the world...

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Multiple Authors
Video produced by Rainforest Journalism Fund Intern Francesca Edralin.

Forest restoration and rehabilitation efforts are often overlooked as solutions in the battle against deforestation and climate change. As the region of Southeast Asia continues to suffer from deforestation, community-led forest restoration efforts will become increasingly important.

In this collaborative reporting project, five Climate Tracker journalists from the countries of Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Cambodia report on community-led efforts to restore forests in their respective countries. Watch this video to take a behind-the-scenes look at how these journalists brought their vision to life, as well as what they learned about collaborative reporting and forest restoration in the process.