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Ressource septembre 21, 2022

Comment Télécharger Un Reportage Radio Sur Soundcloud


Image by Canva Pro.

As you produce radio pieces and podcasts, it's important to consider a platform that can host your work. At The Rainforest Journalism Fund, we are using SoundCloud to publish the radio pieces. It is free, user-friendly and works well in the Amazon, the Congo Basin and Southeast Asia.

We have prepared a tutorial to show how to upload your radio files on SoundCloud, but before you begin, please consider these 3 easy steps:

  • Have your sound file ready: download your radio piece to your computer or to your cloud;
  • Prepare details (title, date, name of radio program and a description) of your radio piece: you can choose how you’d like to present you story, but be sure to include relevant information such as source names and occupations and institutions interviewed;
    An example of this could be:
    Title: Protecting rainforest in the Congo Basin
    Date of broadcast: date of when the radio story was aired.
    Radio station: where the radio story was aired. 
    Description (100-300 words): The rainforest in the Congo Basin is under threat. In this radio program, we speak with (names of presenters, speakers, etc.) about the key issues and solutions regarding the protection of the rainforest. 
  • Prepare an image related to your radio piece: If your story has many episodes, you can, for example, use images/numbers to distinguish them. 

Watch the tutorial: 

Video by Rainforest Journalism Fund. 2022.

When you finish your upload: 

When you finish your upload, be sure to share your link, by email, with your regional coordinator.