Lancelot Bernheim


Lancelot is a creative driven film author and director with various experiences in journalism, documentaries, music videos and commercials with a deep passion for film, knowledge of all stages of the filmmaking process.

Lancelot's passion for documentaries starts in 2010 when he films his deaf grandpa's everyday life. As he empathizes with him, he develops an intense enthusiasm for hidden details, stolen moments and peculiar sounds that constitute the invisible reality.

This passion for intimacy and sounds leads Lancelot to create an internet radio in 2013. PiiAF Radio became Paris' first web radio in terms of audience, dedicating to young journalism, unknown artists and creative podcasts.

In 2016, Lancelot starts directing prevention spots for Le Centre de Victimologie pour Mineurs, a french NGO working on child victimization. His work leads him to meet Nigerian young prostitutes who were smuggled in France in horrific circumstances. After shooting the portrait of Mary in France, an 18 years old girl who had just freed herself from her pimps oppression, Lancelot, together with his friend Rayan Hindi, decide to go to Nigeria to understand to complex causes of the Nigerian Trade.

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