Pendarvis Harshaw


Pendarvis Harshaw (b. 1987) is a journalist, author, and educator. He was born in Columbus, Ohio, and moved to Oakland at the age of three. He got his first taste of journalism through taking after school classes at Youth Radio. That experience catapulted Harshaw toward studying media, inspiring him to attend and graduate from Howard University's School of Communications and then UC Berkeley's Graduate School of Journalism. After completing grad school, Harshaw returned to the classroom, teaching journalism at Ralph Bunche high school, while simultaneously working for the Fusion Media company. Months later, he transitioned to doing strategic communications for PolicyLink. In February of 2017, Harshaw released his first book, OG Told Me, a memoir-style collection of essays about Harshaw's coming of Age experience. He currently writes a weekly column for KQED and teaches at multiple locations, including Vacaville's California Medical Facility.

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