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Podcast: Brazil Made of Nuts (Portuguese)


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An exploration of the role the Brazil nut supply chain plays in the life of the Zoró Indigenous...

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This story excerpt was translated from Portuguese. To listen to the original story in full, visit Spotify. You may also view the original story on the Rainforest Journalism Fund website here.

Brazil Made of Nuts is a series that tells in three episodes the paths of the Brazil nut value chain, from its seed to the market. Their production is the fruit of many hands and of the Amazon forest.

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Episode 1: Seed

The story begins with the Amanhecer Valley Farmers' Cooperative, Coopavam. The business is located in an area of interest to the farming and timber sector in the state of Mato Grosso and has had to face a lot of pressure to consolidate itself as a leader in the commercialization of Brazil nuts.

Episode 2: Roots

Who are the Zoro? The Indigenous people who live in the Mato Grosso region today have a large part of their territory preserved because of the Brazil nut activity that has become the main source of income for the community.

Episode 3: Harvest

In the last episode of the series you will learn about the logistical challenge for Brazil nuts to leave the forest and reach the shelves of commercial establishments in cities. In addition, we tell you a little about how a community-based farmers' cooperative can conquer the international market through fair trade.