About the Congo Basin Rainforest Journalism Fund

The Rainforest Journalism Fund aims to support and build capacity of local, regional, and international journalists reporting on issues related to tropical rainforests. One of the three rainforest regions of focus is the Congo Basin, spanning across countries including the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Republic of the Congo, Central African Republic, Cameroon, and Equatorial Guinea.

Any questions about the Congo Basin Rainforest Journalism Fund? Contact Augustine Kasambule, the Congo Basin Regional Coordinator, via email at [email protected].

Apply for a Congo Basin RJF Grant

Grants for journalists based in the Congo Basin reporting for local and regional outlets. Applications may be in English or Français.

Learn more about the guidelines for Congo Basin Rainforest Journalism Fund proposals and apply here.

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Regional Advisory Committee

The Congo Basin RJF advisory committee is composed of leaders in journalism on issues relating to tropical rainforests, and members help to inform the priorities and direction of this initiative with their critical understanding of regional and local contexts.

Members of the Congo Basin RJF advisory committee review and provide independent guidance for proposals for local and regional reporting projects focusing on tropical rainforests in the greater region. The committee also helps to develop annual convenings for journalists reporting from and on the Congo Basin.

Congo Basin Grantees

Resources & Events

JANUARY 9, 2023

RJF Webinar: Environmental Radio Production & Distribution

To continue strengthening the capacity for quality environmental radio reporting, we are hosting a webinar that will discuss how to improve environmental radio production and distribution.

SEPTEMBER 21, 2022

How To Upload a Radio Piece on SoundCloud

As you produce radio pieces and podcasts, it's important to consider a platform that can host your work. At The Rainforest Journalism Fund, we are using SoundCloud to publish the radio pieces. It is free, user-friendly and works well in the Amazon, the Congo Basin and Southeast Asia.

JUILLET 13, 2022

Rainforest Journalism Fund – Boîte À Outils Pour Les Journalistes

A tous les bénéficiaires du RJF, les Rainforest Rapporteurs et les enthousiastes de la communauté #RainforestCommunity.

Nous avons préparé une boîte à outils Rainforest qui peut vous être utile dans vos reportages et enquêtes. 

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To apply for a Rainforest Journalism Fund reporting grant, please visit the Grants page.

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