Dr. Charcelor (Chase) McCullum


Dr. Charcelor (Chase) McCullum currently serves as a Project Manager, Special Education/Behavioral Support Services Content Manager, and Coach for the Bailey Education Group. He previously served as the Director of Special Services for the Moss Point School District. Dr. McCullum has experience as a school psychologist, a lead school psychologist, a consultant, and a district-level administrator for Special Education as well as Whole-Child Education. Dr. McCullum received his Bachelor's degree in Psychology from the University of Mississippi, a Master's/Specialist degree in School Psychology from Florida State University, a Master's in Educational Leadership from Lamar University, and a Doctorate of Education in Adult Education. He has also held multiple leadership positions within the Mississippi Association of School Psychologists (i.e., membership chair, president, etc.) and within the National Association of School Psychologists (i.e., Chair of the Leadership Development Committee and Mississippi Delegate). Dr. McCullum has published two books/resources, The Social-Emotional Leadership Challenge and The Pocket-Sized Behavior Guide.

Dr. Chase McCullum sits at the bottom of a staircase with his hands folded, smiling.