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Article Publication logo janvier 21, 2022

Coupe de Mangroves: Une Menace à l’Écosystème

cut trees pilled up

Cette forêt de mangroves s’effrite progressivement et risque de disparaitre.


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Among the forests that abound in the DRC, the mangrove forest should appeal to the Congolese authorities.

A natural and unique forest adapted to the extreme salinity of the marine environment, the mangroves cover an area of 76,000 ha of the Atlantic coastline of Muanda in the province of Kongo Central.

Congo, 2022.

It is also of extreme importance, playing the role of a very necessary carbon sink for climate regulation as well as a complex ecosystem in an area of recharge and breeding for several marine species.

It is also a refuge for many plant and animal species.

In addition, the mangrove forest of Muanda is under pressure from the riparian communities. The permanent cutting of wood and anarchic construction of houses along the beach constitute a danger for this forest whose destruction is a serious threat to the ecosystem.

The consequences are already being felt by the population in Muanda. These include reduced rainfall, unsuccessful fishing on the coast, flooding, and the collapse of the coastal slope.