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Artikel Publication logo April 4, 2022

Video: Mentawai Youth Against Forest Exploitation (bahasa Indonesia)


A man cuts down a tree in Indonesia.
bahasa Indonesia

Pemuda indigenous people Mentawai sedang berjuang mempertahankan hutan terakhir milik mereka di...

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The people of the Taikako and Silabu Villages in the Mentawai Islands Regency went to the Maguiruk Hamlet, Silabu Village, North Pagai District, which is the location of the Mentawai Essential Oil Plantation.

Koperasi Minyak Atsiri Mentawai obtained an Approval for the Use of Non-Forestry Timber (PKKNK) on August 26, 2021 from the Head of the West Sumatra Forestry Service in the APL area of Silabu Village, North Pagai, Mentawai Islands Regency, covering an area of 1,500 hectares.

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Video by Rus Akbar. Indonesia, 2022.

This video is supported by the Rainforest Journalism Fund in collaboration with the Pulitzer Center.