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Artikel Publication logo November 2, 2022

Video: The Ritual: Menjaga Keselarasan Manusia dan Alam


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On Bangka Island, the forest is only left in the hills, which is the last "moral" of the people on...

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There are around 32 hills on Bangka Island, the highest of which is Mount Maras [705 meters]. Since 2016, the landscape of Mount Maras has been designated as the only National Park on Bangka Island, covering an area of 16,806.91 hectares.

For the indigenous people spread from the north to the south of Bangka Island, Mount Maras has long been believed to be the strongest spiritual point.

"We believe that if Mount Maras is damaged, there will be a big flood that will drown the entire land of Bangka Island, even half of Sumatra," said Umran [74], the seventh descendant of the Maras Tribe, in Berbura Village, Riau Silip District, Bangka Regency.

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Umran, Damion [51], and seven village shamans still perform rituals at the top of Mount Maras. The nine people come from a number of hamlets around Mount Maras.

"Currently, we perform the rituals in private. The time of the ritual is uncertain, in one month it can be two to three times. It is usually carried out when the shaman elders have a dream, or when entering the 13th day of the month on the Islamic calendar," said Damion.

Video by Rumah Sriksetra. Indonesia, 2022.