Amber Lin


Amber Lin is a Taiwanese journalist born in Taipei in 1979. She was senior reporter for Taiwan magazine The CommonWealth, Taiwan correspondent for Hong Kong online media The Initium, and iSunAffairs. In her 7-year journalist career with text and photographs, she has also contributed stories to various Chinese language media in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, and Malaysia.

Since the 2013 Malaysia general election, Amber expended focus from civil society development of Taiwan, Hong Kong and China to Southeast Asia affairs. Over the past years, with the main coverage of crucial social and political events in the region, she cultivated a regional view on the democratization and geopolitical change across the strait and Southeast Asia.

Amber's works won her awards from the Society of Publishers in Asia (SOPA), Human Right Press Awards in Hong Kong (2013), and Excellent Journalism Award in Taiwan (2016). In 2019, she was awarded as Pulitzer Center's Persephone Miel Fellow for the project "The Silent War."

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