Ana Mendes


Journalism Fund

Ana Mendes is a documentary filmmaker with a master's degree in social sciences from the Federal University of Maranhão (UFMA). She works as a multimedia photojournalist for Brazilian independent media outlets such as Repórter Brasil, Amazônia Real, Agência Pública, and The Intercept Brasil.

At the university, she researched racism against the Akroá-Gamella people in Maranhão. The photographic essay that makes up her dissertation, available online, was awarded a prize for best essay at the 43rd annual meeting of the National Association of Graduate Studies and Research in the Social Sciences (ANPOCS).

In 2019, her essay "Pseudo Indigenous," in which Mendes marks images of the Guarani-Kaiowá and Akroá-Gamella peoples using ink, nankeen, and charcoal, was the winner of one of the most important national photography awards, the Pierre Verger National Photography Award.

Mendes is part of Imagens Humanas, a project by J.R. Ripper. To see more of her work, visit: imagenshumanas.com.br .

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