Augustine Kasambule


Journalism Fund
Congo Basin

Augustine Kasambule is the Rainforest Journalism Fund Congo Basin Regional Coordinator at the Pulitzer Center. First point of contact with journalists, she leads the review process for funding candidates for the Rainforest Journalism Fund, in collaboration with the Pulitzer Center team and the advisory committee.  

Before joining the Rainforest Journalism Fund, Augustine worked as a communication officer in international organizations such as the International and Education Fund, Greenpeace Africa, World Fund for Nature and Wildlife Conservation Society.

Co-founder of the Réseau de Communicateurs pour l'Environnement in DR Congo and former journalist and presenter of environmental and socio-cultural programmes on Antenne A television, she has also produced documentaries on the environment. 

Holding a bachelor's degree in biology and a member of environmental civil society, Augustine had also a teaching career. 

In her professional career, she has worked with journalists, media organizations, civil society, government institutions, national and international non-governmental organizations as well as the local communities involved in the forest sector. 

Aware of the climate change negative effects on the human life quality and the role that the media plays in raising public awareness, she decided to focus on environment. 

Her motto: ''an objective reporting boosts self-esteem and prevents us from being discredited by the corporation and the public."

Augustine Kasambule