Carlos Suárez Álvarez


Journalism Fund

Ethnographic journalist, photographer, writer, documentarian and, above all, passionate about the Amazon, Carlos Suárez Álvarez is dedicated to telling stories of the people who live in the largest and most diverse forest on the planet. 

With a degree in journalism from the Complutense University of Madrid, in 2007 he settled in Leticia, in the Colombian Amazon, where he graduated, cum laude, from the Master's program in Amazonian studies offered by the National University of Colombia. Since 2009 he has lived in an Indigenous community, a first-hand witness of the daily life and challenges faced by the Amazonian peoples. 

He has published dozens of reports on the Amazon in digital and print media in several countries. Among his extensive production is the book La Edad del Desarrollo, Señoritas y muchachos en la selva que se acaba (an informative enography published by the National University of Colombia in 2021) and the Ayahuasca Trilogy, which explores the phenomenon of commercialization of this Amazonian medicine, and is composed of the novel Ayahuasca, amor y mezquindad, the photobook Ayahuasca entre dos mundos, and the series of multimedia books Ayahuasca, Iquitos and Monstruo Voraz. On his Youtube channel he publishes numerous audiovisual works focused on different aspects of the Amazonian reality.

Carlos Suárez Álvarez