Emily Merwin DiRico


Emily Merwin DiRico is a news applications developer at The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. She was a founding member of the AJC's data journalism team, where she works with reporters to help readers understand complex data and issues through information design and interactive presentations. DiRico led the microsite development for the AJC's Doctors and Sex Abuse project, bringing difficult stories of abuse to life through powerful immersive visuals.

The digital presentation won a Peabody-Facebook Futures of Media award and IRE Award for Innovation in Investigative Journalism. The project also won the Phillip Meyer Journalism Award, and was a Pulitzer Prize finalist and Goldsmith Prize finalist.

Most recently, DiRico designed and developed the companion website for the AJC's Unprotected: Broken Promises in Georgia's Senior Care Industry series, which provides a searchable database and flagging system for inspection reports and other infractions inaccessible to the public elsewhere. Unprotected won first prize in the National Headliner Awards for Public Service in Newspapers. Lately, DiRico has been focusing on helping Georgians make sense of the state's coronavirus data.

Emily Merwin DiRico