Mark Cheong


Journalism Fund
Southeast Asia

Mark Cheong is a photojournalist based in Singapore who picked up photography as a skateboarder during his teenage years. He started his career at Singapore's largest daily broadsheet, The Straits Times, in 2012, and has covered everything from football to festivals, and robberies to riots. He is also well-versed with the Southeast Asian region, where he travels extensively and has been on assignments ranging from the Myanmar elections (2015), the death of the Thai King (2016), and the Earthquake in Lombok, Indonesia (2018).

More recently, he has focused more on environmental features, incorporating both pictures and videos into his work. Some of his recent work includes a biodiversity story on Pulau Ubin, a rustic island north-east of Singapore; a documentary tracing the footprints of El Niño from Indonesia to the Ecuador's Galapagos Islands; and a piece on the impacts of climate change on Longyearbyen, the world's northernmost settlement in the Arctic.

Mark Cheong