Nicola Zolin


Journalism Fund

Nicola Zolin is an Italian photojournalist and writer. He studied a BA in mass communication and a MSc in international relations between Italy, the Netherlands and China. 

His projects about the youth in the Middle East, about people looking for freedom outside social structure, about the asylum seekers from the Middle East on the way to Europe, about Indigenous people in Latin America struggling to defend their natural resources and several others, intend to break the stereotypes created by superficial media narratives. For the past seven years he collaborated on reportages from all over the world for Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant. His personal projects appeared in some of the most important magazines and newspapers such as Der Spiegel, The New York Times, De Volkskrant, Stern, Al Jazeera, Foreign Policy, GEO, 6MOIS, El País, Courrier International, Vice News, Liberation, La Repubblica, amongst others. He published three books: I passeggeri della Terra for Polaris (2016), U paese è mondo intero for Prospero (2020) and Yunan, self published (2022).

Nicola's close up shot against a scenic background.