Simeon Hardley


Simeon Hardley is multimedia journalist and reporter who specializes in sports photography and videography. He is a journalism major who is currently attending Southern Illinois University and is projected to graduate in the summer of 2024. 

He has always had a passion for storytelling and a love for sports. He combined those two things and found photography. He began photographing and recording basketball and football games at his local high school where he developed the basic skills of photo and video. Once he enrolled at Southern Illinois University he joined the Journalism department where he is currently developing the media skills needed at a professional level.  

Although Simeon specializes in sports media, his work extends to the community. He covers local and state events and environment photojournalism. He is currently a staff photographer for The Daily Egyptian and consistently works with multiple high school, university and professional athletic departments in sports media. Simeon hopes after graduation he will be able to create a career in Journalism.

Simeon Hardley