Susan Schulman


Susan Schulman is an acclaimed, internationally published freelance photographer, based in London.

Specialising in editorial and documentary work, Susan also undertakes work for NGOs and other non-profit organisations, such as the UNHCR/WFP/ICRC. Most recently, Susan has returned from Congo, where she was working for the Guardian Weekly, UNHCR, and filming. Prior to that, in Oct/Nov 08, she did a month's embed with UNAMID in Darfur, which produced a film and photo reportage. In July 08, she was in Chad, for the Guardian Weekly, UNHCR, and filming on the subject of child soldier recruitment (Guardian Films). Prior to that, this year she has worked on a multi-media, multiplatform media initiative on Congo – a project which Susan created and has worked on with the APPG (Eric Joyce, Stephen Carter). Her material has been broadcast (C4), published – Guardian/Guardian Weekly website and as part of a season on Congo at London's Frontline Club. Another trip is scheduled to Congo for later this year. Further to that, also in 2008, she has been in Sierra Leone, Peru, Congo, and Nicaragua, for various organisations including Guardian, Guardian Weekly, Marie Stopes

In September 2007, Susan was in Nicaragua, covering the aftermath of the hurricane, abortion and the Mosquito coast for the Guardian and Guardian Weekly website. Prior to that (July/August 2007), Susan returned from Sierra Leone, and Namibia, where she worked for the Guardian Weekly, ICRC and others, covering a variety of subjects ranging from childbirth to culture to illegal fishing to the elections. Prior to that, in May 07, she was in Helmand/Kandahar in Afghanistan, where she did a commission on the RAF emergency medical services, for the RUSI Journal, and where she also produced a piece on 'Women and Collateral Damage.'

In March/April 07, she did a story on Brazil's newest gold mine destroying the virgin Amazon forest, which has been published internationally – appearing in the UK in the Independent Magazine (1 Sept 07), and in February 07, her photos appeared in the Telegraph magazine special annual travel issue, as commissioned for a piece on the Mekong, appearing also as cover photo and with story in Bangkok Airways Fah Thai Magazine

In Oct/Nov 06, Susan was in Afghanistan, where she did photos for the UNHCR, the Turquoise Mountain Foundation and a first chapter on the UK military emergency medical services for the RUSI Journal in Helmand/Kandahar.  Earlier in 2006, she spent a month in Democratic Republic of Congo, where she worked for the UNHCR, WFP, the Daily Telegraph and the Independent and, also in 2006, she travelled to West Africa, and then to the Falklands and South Atlantic, where she completed a 6 month commission, for the RUSI Magazine on the deployment of the HMS Liverpool, for whom she also did 'Portrait of a Company' following the Dukes of Wellington through their deployment in Iraq.  In between the assignments, she did work within the UK. She has also photographed well-known figures, including Tony Blair, Des Browne, President of Rwanda Kagame, Margaret Beckett, Romeo Dallaire, President Musharraf. This is a partial list.

Susan's work also features regularly in various photographic magazines, and newspapers, magazines etc throughout the world.  A very partial list of clients include: The Independent Magazine (UK), The Financial Times Magazine (UK), The Guardian (UK), The Telegraph (UK), The Independent (UK), The Scotsman (UK), Du (Switzerland), Le Vive (Belgium), The Cruise Traveller (UK), Architectural Review (UK), Architectural Digest (France), Geographical (UK), BBC Wildlife (UK), BBC Music (UK), LA Times, International Herald Tribune, Phnom Penh Post (Cambodia), Foto8 (UK), GQ Style, Tattler, Bangkok Airways Magazine. Her work has also featured in books and on book and CD covers, brochures and publicity materials. Her work on the Falklands is in permanent collection at the Royal Naval Museum in Portsmouth, and was featured in their 2007 Falklands exhibition, as well as in the accompanying DVD. A book featuring Susan's images produced by Marie Stopes and supported by Marie Claire has been launched 16 October 2007. Susan originally trained as a film editor and from 1990-2000 worked in film: first as a freelance editor before moving into development, working for many years for the London Production Fund. She also worked freelance as a script editor and wrote 2 documentaries produced by Faction Films and directed by Desmond Bell (one of which won an award at the Houston Film Festival).

Previous Work

Numerous web galleries/multi media on variety of sites, including Guardian, BBC, etc.

TV appearances on BBC, Reuters, British Sky News.
Radio 'appearances' BBC, BBC World Service, NZ radio

Film :  Congo, shot in DRC February 2008, first broadcast Channel 4 news March 27 2008
             Sudan's Child Soldiers,  Guardian Films, March 09
             Darfur: Broken Promises, March 09

Exhibition Parliament, Congo: Unheard Voices , March 2009
Exhibition Turquoise Mountain Images, Afghanistan. Maddox Arts, London September 08
Exhibition on Afghanistan. 28/29 November 2007 RUSI, Whitehall
Exhibition Congo : Joint event with DFID Parliament May 08
Exhibition DFID atrium, London, Congo June 08
Exhibition , DFID Atrium, Afghanistan July 08 , show to travel.
'Congo Stories', Medcalf Gallery September – November 06
'Exposed and hungry', presented by WFP/UNHCR, funded by DFID:
Oxo Gallery ; Royal Albert Hall.  Brunell Gallery SOAS, Geneva,.Brussels.
Falklands, Royal Naval Museum. February 2007 – permanent collection


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