Tatiana Merlino


Journalism Fund

Tatiana Merlino is a human rights reporter and an editor and reporter for O Joio e O Trigo. She has worked for such outlets as Carta Capital, Caros Amigos, Brasil de Fato, and the São Paulo Truth Commission. She is the founder of Ponte Journalismo and Agência Pública.

She has edited and coordinated books about the military dictatorship, among them Luta, substantivo feminino — Mulheres torturadas, desaparecidas e mortas na resistência à Ditadura (Struggle, feminine noun - The women who were tortured, disappeared and killed in resistance to the dictatorship); Infância Roubada — Crianças atingidas pela Ditadura Militar no Brasil (Stolen Childhood — Children affected by the military dictatorship in Brazil); and Heroínas desta História: Mulheres em busca de justiça por familiares mortos durante a dictadura (Heroines of this History: Women seeking justice for family members killed during the dictatorship).

In 2009, she received two Vladimir Herzog awards, in the magazine and internet categories. In 2010, she received an honorable mention in the same award. And in 2012, she again received the Herzog award, together with the team of Caros Amigos magazine.

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