Vanessa Teteye Mendoza


Vanessa Teteye Mendoza is an Indigenous Bora-Uitoto from La Chorrera, Amazonas, Colombia, from the Iñeje (canangucho) clan. She is a communicator, journalist and audiovisual producer. She works at the independent intercultural media agency Agenda Propia, where she has reported on and served as editorial advisor for various reports, especially on the struggles and realities of Amazonian peoples.

Mendoza has participated in the construction of communication initiatives for Indigenous peoples in Colombia. In 2021, she was a finalist for the Gabo Award for the series Ome, Pütchi, Poraû (Woman, Word, Resistance). In 2019, she won the Regional Journalism Award granted by Semana Magazine for the collective multimedia special Bogotá Indígena, both published in Agenda Propia.

Mendoza is also a member of the Network Weaving Stories in Latin America, which promotes Agenda Propia. She is an artisan.

Vanessa Teteye Mendoza