The Golgotha Command is an evangelical, militarized group. It was founded to defend Brazil’s evangelicals against their enemies, quoting Matthew 10: "I came not to bring peace, but a sword." They are preparing for a “Holy War.” In October 2022, Brazil will hold presidential elections. The current president, Jair Bolsonaro, has been voted into office by a majority of evangelical voters. He reportedly has ties to militia groups and has defended paramilitary vigilante groups in the Amazon. The Golgotha Command holds prayers for Bolsonaro’s victory. The group organizes camps in Maranhão, inviting young people to bring together the two main ideas of Bolsonarism: evangelism and military discipline.

Brazil is already the largest catholic country in the world, and by 2032 it will be the largest evangelical country, too. Each year, 14,000 new evangelical churches open in Brazil. This growth can be seen in legislative and executive spaces, in schools and in the media. The area most affected is the Amazon basin.

They are planning to hold a camp right before the elections. The left-wing candidate Lula da Silva is expected to win. Protecting Christ and His followers against the communists is, he made clear, a just cause for the “holy war.”