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Project May 11, 2022

The Execution of the Rusumo Falls Project Weighs Heavily on the Environment of Burundi, Rwanda, and Tanzania


This project examines what the environmental challenges and consequences are in three partner countries: Burundi, Rwanda, and Tanzania. It will also examine the involvement of communities in the management of protected areas, a strongly recommended practice.

The government, civil society, and project managers are responsible for ensuring forest protection in Burundi, Rwanda, and Tanzania. What are the solutions envisaged for reforestation in these areas in order to meet social, biodiversity, and environmental needs?

As the environment is an ecological unit that hosts living and non-living components, it is important to investigate in settings where environmental protection is no longer an option. The investigation will place particular emphasis on updated and harmonized data, as well as analysis intended to enlighten decision-makers and managers.

The objective is to contribute to a multi-sector dialogue and a better integration of protected areas, with a view on preserving the region's forest resources. It will be a question of helping all the countries of the Akagera River basin to better manage their protected areas and to promote sub-regional cooperation on common and cross-border issues.