Project January 12, 2023

The Hidden Uganda National Forest Owners



Uganda's forest cover has been reducing at a rate of 100,000 hectares every year, hence the forest cover reduced from 24% of the country's land cover in 1990 to 9% in 2017.

The main causes for deforestation has been conversion of forest land for agriculture.

The reporter will talk to officials at NFA including Muhumuza, the legal officer and Tom Okello, the executive director, and also visit the CFRs to have a look at the degraded land, and take photographs. The reporter will also talk to some of the land grabbers He will publish a 1000-word feature with The Thomson Reuters. Other stories will explore is the profile a private planter Peter Kasenene who has over a 500 acre plantation of eucalyptus, and pine in Mubende, Central Uganda. This will be published in the New Vision and its sister paper Bukedde.