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Project August 29, 2022

Kalimantan's “Food Estates” Drive Hunger for People and Disaster for Environment



The purpose of this report is to look into the wild food and medicine for local communities that have been lost or are at risk of being lost as a result of the Central Kalimantan Food Estates Program. This identification comprises identifying flora and fauna species by their local names, as well as nutritional composition and community use. Furthermore, the history of land use and ownership are investigated, as well as the potential losses and hazards posed by environmental disasters. As an example, a similar effort carried out by the New Order in the 1990s failed and became Indonesia's leading cause of forest and land fires.

The report's findings will be published in Kompas, an Indonesian national newspaper, and online at Kompas.id.

People from local communities who have been trained as citizen journalists will be involved in the identification and documentation of various local sources of food and medication. They will continue to speak out on the Save Our Borneo (SOB) website.