This investigation began in June 2021 and explains how the Colombian company Waldrattung, which has appeared in several Amazonian Indigenous communities, presenting itself as a German company, seeks to monopolize the business of carbon credits in the region.

The company proposed contracts to Indigenous communities in six areas of the Colombian Amazon, extensive reserves in the departments of Vichada, Guaviare, Guainía, and practically 90% of the department of Vaupés. In total, about 80 thousand square kilometers.

Members of several communities have signed these contracts, which do not take into account the particular conditions that Colombian law recognizes for collective territories. The company has arrived in the area without explaining what the projects are about to all communities and has offered money to leaders to sign the documents.

In all the cases reviewed there are indications that the contracts have enormous economic disadvantages and do not comply with international protocols. This situation has caused strong confrontations among the Indigenous leadership.