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Project November 19, 2022

Planting Coffee, Maintaining Sustainability at Batang Gadis National Park



Batang Gadis National Park, which has an area of 72,150 hectares, is a habitat for the Sumatran tiger and other endangered species. Mitigation of damage is done by educating the public to look for economic alternatives.

One example is what was carried out in Ulu Punngkut District, which is the buffer zone of the Batang Gadis National Park. The community formed the Mandailing Jaya Coffee Cooperative (Komanja).

Komanja managed to bring Mandailing coffee back to being known. While people's interest in growing coffee has increased, marketing of Komanja products reaches all regions of Indonesia, and to several other countries.

Protecting the forest is Komanja's vision. It set aside 2.5 percent of profits for conservation. In addition, Komanja received intensive assistance from Sumatra Rainforest Indonesia (SRI) to help with various jobs, from those related to conservation to product marketing.