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Project September 15, 2023

Restoration of Central African Dry Savannas in the Face of Anthropogenic Pressures



The northern part of Cameroon and two regions in Chad—Hadjer-Lamis and Chari-Baguirmi—share similar geographical features, with a predominance of dry savannas that encourage the advance of the desert. These areas, with their hot, tropical climate, are regularly faced with the challenge of reforestation.

Several initiatives, such as the Projet Reboisement 1400 in Cameroon and the Grande Muraille Verte (Great Green Wall) in Chad, are underway to combat desertification.

Despite the progress made in implementing these projects, they still face major challenges resulting from strong anthropogenic pressures, such as abusive cutting of trees for fuel (charcoal), the prevalence of bush fires, drought, and strong winds. These factors represent major threats to the initiatives.

This project looks into the strengths and weaknesses of the Projet Reboisement 1400 and the Grande Muraille Verte. Also, various players directly or indirectly involved in the projects share their views.