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Project May 25, 2023

Seeds for a Sustainable Future: Hyperlocal Solutions in Indigenous Lands



Despite the centrality of the environmental agenda in the new government, saving Amazonia will be no easy task. And this process, complex and multidimensional, begins by getting to know the initiatives already underway and learning from their possibilities and limitations.

From agricultural production in community gardens and the circular economy generated by them, to the traditional seed bank with an increasing involvement of Indigenous youth, Serra da Lua shows the way to save the Amazon.

The second-largest Indigenous community in the state with a population of almost 10,000, mostly of the Wapichana and Macuxi ethnic group, the region is made up of 32 communities divided into nine Indigenous Territories.

Faced with a world that yearns for environmental solutions, this project will document the complexity of this struggle, focusing on the solutions it produces and the lessons to be learned, by Brazil and the world, to save the Amazon and halt climate change.

Giving centrality to the Indigenous worldviews, the team will rely on Eric Terena, an Indigenous filmmaker and communicator and co-founder of Mídia Índia.

Through text, photography, videos, and podcasts, this project will be published by Al Jazeera, Mongabay, OptOut, Latin American News Dispatch, Folha de S.Paulo, Um Só Planeta, Mídia Índia, and Folha de Boa Vista.