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Project August 11, 2021

Striving To Protect Mangrove Forests in the Rufiji Delta



Mangrove forests represent a type of rainforest developing on marine coastal lines as well as various types of inland shores, a resource facing the same deforestation threats and challenges as the ones known in the Congo Basin and the Amazon forest. Less known and underreported, mangrove forests, however, also represent a prime resource in CO2 emissions reduction and are known as the "best carbon scrubber," as coined by NASA.

A few months after the start of a hydropower plant construction, located right on the Selous Game Reserve, the United Nations launched a conservation project in the very same region, connecting local authorities, citizens, forest experts, and advocates around a new initiative for mangrove protection in the Rufiji Delta.

Using remote sensing techniques and GIS, this project investigates the extent of the environmental damage caused by the dam project, including a photo-reporting of the UNEP initiative.