The TI Apinajé is located between the Tocantins and Araguaia rivers, in the north of the Brazilian state of Tocantins. With an area of 142,000 hectares, the territory practically borders the states of Pará and Maranhão and is located in an area known as the Arc of Deforestation. Inspired by the Xerente from the Cerrado, Apinajé women have organized themselves and received firefighter training.

They are now ready to take on the role of certified firefighters. The group is ready to fight the fires that threaten the territory in the Amazonian summer, as the dry season is called in the region.

Reporters will show how the women carry out their work, the main difficulties they encounter in protecting the territory, how they fight to save the Amazon, and how they reconcile the other roles they play in the villages, such as caring for the fields and family.

Text, pictures, and video in this project are being published by Deutsche Welle in different languages.