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Reportagem Publication logo Março 25, 2021

Women Heirs to Tradition (bahasa Indonesia)

Image by Aries Munandar.

The coverage focuses on the efforts and challenges in restoring the peat forest in Kalibandung...


On average, previous generations were skilled at weaving. They processed wild pandanus, bamboo, and rattan into various household and agricultural utensils. This tradition has gradually disappeared since residents got used to using plastic containers.

The women also met together. They are now learning again and sharing knowledge with each other so that their weaving skills will be timeless.

This broadcast is the last in a series of four episodes of coverage regarding the rescue of around 7,000 hectares of peat in Kalibandung Village, Kubu Raya, West Kalimantan. Watch the episode in bahasa Indonesia on Peladang Kata's YouTube page.