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Story Publication logo July 22, 2022

Biodiversity and Humanity: A Single Destiny (French)

miner in africa

Gold mining in Kellé in West Cuvette causes an ecological disaster in the locality: populations and...


This story excerpt was translated from French. To listen the original story in full, visit Radio France Internationale. You may also listen to the original story on the Rainforest Journalism Fund website here. Our website is available in English, Spanish, bahasa Indonesia, French, and Portuguese.

This week in Kigali, Rwanda, the first African Protected Areas Congress is taking place. An opportunity to highlight inspiring examples of community conservation.

In the DRC, 300 kilometers north of Kinshasa, the NGO Mou Mon Tour preserves the Bonobos and the forest.

In Guinea Bissau, in the Bijagos archipelago, the NGO Tiniguena manages a community-based marine protected area distributed among the three Urok islands.

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In Congo-Brazzaville, the Chinese gold mining company Agil was put on notice in 2019 for environmental degradation in the Kellé region, in the western basin department. 3 years later, what is the situation? Blanche Simona reports with financial support from the Rainforest Journalism Fund Congo Basin and the Pulitzer Center.

The International Fund for Animal Welfare has just published a report on the need to take animals into account in conflict and disaster situations.

Reportage by Blanche Simona broadcast in the program C’est Pas du Vent by Anne—Cecile bras RFI.

Radio France Internationale. Republic of Congo, 2022.

Cover of the book "Le Bonobo, Dieu et nous". Image by Marian Brickner. Republic of Congo, 2022.