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Story Publication logo August 3, 2022

Climate Change In Zambia: Impacts on Women and Forests



Zambia is experiencing the effects of climate change and record temperatures.


Zambia is experiencing extremely high temperatures.

Climate change has brought harm to forests. There are more frequent droughts, wildfires, and invasive pest outbreaks, leading to the loss of plant species. 

The Zambian president said the negative effect of climate change has forced women in rural areas to walk long distances in search of firewood, water and food. According to the president, the effects of climate change, especially on women, should be viewed as a human rights issue, adding that the government is determined to find solutions to the challenges that women are facing.

Over one billion people live in and around Forest depending on tree's for food, medicines, and building materials. 

The Simona Village, located in Livingstone, Zambia, has hundreds of trees cut every day for the purpose of charcoal extractions. The Minister of Energy, Francesca Zyambo, says this scenario calls for use of other sources of energy.

Discover more on the video below: 

Video by Lydia Makina/Prime Television Zambia. Zambia, 2022.