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Story Publication logo August 25, 2020

Land Use in Cameroon: The Challenging Relationship Between Industrial Actors and Local Communities (French)


Image courtesy of Panorama Papers. Cameroon, undated.

In Cameroon, industrial corporations which specialized in either rubber or sugar cane exploitation...

Image courtesy of Panorama Papers. Cameroon, undated.
Image courtesy of Panorama Papers. Cameroon, undated.

In this series of four videos in French, viewers learn about four key Sudcam and Hevea extraction sites. Communities are both the most direct victims and those who cary out the activity.

First report: The conflict between the Mbandjock, Nkoteng, and Lembe-Yezoum populations and the agro-industrial company Sosucam, which exploits 24,000 hectares of sugar cane land in these districts.

Second production: Hevea, the new weapon of massive deforestation in Dja and Lobo.

Third episode: Relations between concession holders and local populations. In this episode, we talk about the issue of just compensation between South Cameroon Hevea and the communities.

Final episode of the series: Here, we explore the question of local communities as the weak spot of agribusiness. We look at the case of Souscam and SudCam.