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Story Publication logo April 24, 2021

MUTUALISM - Documentary Film on the Reciprocity between Tropical Rainforests and Humans (bahasa Indonesia)


A view of mountains in the Petungkriyono forest area, Indonesia.

Discussions about forests cannot be separated from their function and survival. Often the forest is...


Petungkriyono Forest in Pekalongan Regency, Central Java is the only tropical rainforest left on the island of Java. The status of the forest in the Dieng Mountain Range is outside the conservation area — such as in a national park — so the level of threat is quite high.

The existence of the forest provides physical and non-physical benefits to the people who live inside and outside the Petungkriyono Forest. Its usefulness has succeeded in creating a sense of concern and awareness of the importance of protecting the forest. The reciprocity is a mutualism that cannot be separated in life.

The film, produced in bahasa Indonesia and published on IDN Times, is supported by the Pulitzer Center through the Rainforest Journalism Fund program.