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Story Publication logo March 6, 2022

Peruvian Amazon Endangered by Coca Expansion and Illegal Roads (Spanish)


Indigenous Peruvian man wearing Ramones t-shirt

Illegal road construction never stopped even in a pandemic. Drug traffickers are pushing for new...


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Pucallpa (Peru), Mar 6 (EFE) — Last August, in the quiet Sawawo Hito 40 Native Community, in Peru, they were playing with the shortwave radio that the community members have, in which they listen to music from Brazil and news of what is happening out there, in those places called cities.

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Suddenly, a strange conversation alerted of a company entering a road, heading toward the nearby community of El Dorado.

The training received by the Community Vigilance Committee (CVC) of Sawawo, in the district of Yurua, province of Atalaya (Ucayali, on the border with Brazil), was put into practice and patrols began.

Image by Ivan Brehaut. Peru, 2022.

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