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Story Publication logo August 16, 2023

Podcast: Where Does the Meat You Eat Come From? Episodes 1 and 2 (Spanish)


a man in a slaughterhouse

The grey areas of the traceability of the meat coming from deforested areas of the Amazon in...


This story excerpt was translated from Spanish. To listen to the podcast episodes in full, in Spanish, click on the links below or visit La Liga Contra el Silencio. You may also listen to them on the Rainforest Journalism Fund website. Our website is available in EnglishSpanishbahasa IndonesiaFrench, and Portuguese.

Colombia does not have an open and public system that shows consumers where the meat they eat comes from. Image by César Molinares. Colombia, 2023.

The impact of cattle ranching on deforestation has been growing for about a decade. The list of drivers of deforestation is headed by the appropriation of forests for crops or illegal mining, followed by illicit crops and cattle ranching, according to IDEAM monitoring.

Cattle ranchers insist that there is no evidence linking cattle ranching to forest clearing.

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