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Video: The Project AmazonFACE (French)


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Scientists in the Amazon are building an experiment what could determine whether increases CO2 in...

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How will climate change affect the Amazon forest, its biodiversity, and the ecosystem services it provides to humanity? The experiment AmazonFACE evaluates the rainforest's capacity to respond to heightened levels of carbon dioxide (CO₂) and studies the resulting effects on global climate, biodiversity, and ecosystems.

The experiment consists of releasing air enriched with carbon dioxide over vegetation and monitoring its responses. This will help, according to the ministry's explanations, to understand how the increase in carbon dioxide modifies leaves, roots, soil, water, and nutrient cycles in the Amazon rainforest.

By gathering answers from this ancient forest, mankind hopes to find valuable lessons to guide it through the climate crisis that challenges it.

Watch the full video in French:

TV5, 2024.