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Story Publication logo January 30, 2023

Video: Protecting the Mangrove, a Necessity for Economies – Afro Business With Paul Joël Kamtchang (French)


Beekeeping, an opportunity for the forests of the Congo Basin

Beekeeping that respects nature is able to preserve the forests of the Congo Basin. Beyond the...

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Protection of the environment, including protection of forests and mangoves, is a necessity to increase the economic development of the States.

Mangroves are a species unfortunately destroyed by the action of man. In Cameroon, for example, entire hectares of mangroves are destroyed every year with the consequences of rising heat and other climate disturbances.

Our guest Paul Joël KAMTCHANG, the Executive Secretary of ADISI CAMEROUN, a civil society organization that advocates for access to information and better data laws in Cameroon, returns on the importance of protecting the mangrove.

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Video by Dash Media TV. Cameroon, 2023.