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Story Publication logo April 28, 2020

Voices of the Forest | Marcos Terena (Portuguese)


Image by Le Monde Diplomatique. Brazil, 2020.

Thirty years ago, leaders of rubbertappers and Indigenous peoples joined forces to demand the...

Image courtesy Le Monde Diplomatique.
Image courtesy Le Monde Diplomatique.

Marcos Terena is the third person interviewed in the series, "Voices of the Forest."

"They are going to try to destroy the image of Indigenous people. They are going to try to make Indigenous lands a source of profits. All of white man's wealth creates wealth and poverty both."

To view the full interview in Portuguese, click here.

Marcos Terena é o terceiro entrevistado da série Vozes da Floresta - A aliança dos Povos da Floresta de Chico Mendes a nossos dias.

"Vão tentar destruir a imagem dos indígenas. Vão tentar fazer com que as terras indígenas sejam uma fonte de gerar lucro. Toda a riqueza do homem branco gera pobres e gera ricos."