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The Amazon and COP26: How journalists can bridge the forest and the conference room

Event Date:

October 28, 2021 | 11:00 AM -03 TO 12:30 PM -03
The Amazon and COP26 English



  • Jonathan Watts, Amazon RJF Advisory Committee Chair
  • Daniela Chiaretti, Amazon RJF Advisory Committee Member
  • Izabella TeixeiraCounselor of the Brazilian Center for International Relations (CEBRI) and former Minister of Environment
  • Manuel Pulgar-VidalGlobal Leader of Climate & Energy at WWF and Former Peruvian Minister of the Environment
  • Verónica Goyzueta (Moderator), Amazon RJF Regional Coordinator

This session will begin at 11:00 (São Paulo) with an introduction and words of welcome from Amazon RJF Advisory Committee Chair Jonathan Watts, before kicking off the discussion of COP26.

Objective: A discussion of the key COP26 issues for forest-focused journalists and delegates. Which climate debates are related to the Amazon? What are the likely dividing lines? What Indigenous, NGO, and government sources should journalists look to for information?

Event Time Zones: 11:15 São Paulo, 09:15 (Lima / Bogotá / Quito), 10:15 (La Paz / Caracas / Washington), 15:15 (London)

Live interpretation will be available in Spanish and Portuguese for this webinar.