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Article Publication logo août 8, 2022

Documentary: Plants That Save the Jungle People in Bukit Duabelas (bahasa Indonesia)

people walking through a forest

The Orang Rimba's bond to the gods fuels their loyalty to protect Bukit Duabelas. Biodiversity is...


This story excerpt was translated from bahasa Indonesia. To read the original story in full, visit Kompas. You may also view the original story on the Rainforest Journalism Fund website here. Our website is available in English, Spanish, bahasa Indonesia, French, and Portuguese.

The Anak Dalam or Orang Rimba tribe in Bukit Duabelas National Park is very dependent on the forest. It provides a place to live and find food, is part of their customs, and provides a variety of medicinal plants.

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Watch the full documentary below:

Video by Lucky Pransiska/Kompas. Indonesia, 2022.