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Artikel Publication logo Juni 3, 2021

Hijau Diskon 70 Persen, Merah 30 Persen Saja: Sebuah Klinik yang Tak Hanya Menjaga Kesehatan, tapi Juga Merawat Hutan


Indonesian farmer bends down to plant crops in a garden.
bahasa Indonesia

Liputan ini mengupas upaya sebuah rumah sakit di pedalaman Kalimantan Barat, tepatnya di Sukadana...


Kinari Webb (second from left) receives a chainsaw used to cut trees. Image courtesy of the Asri Clinic. Indonesia.

The income that Junaidi gets from a small grocery store in front of his house is not enough to live on. To supplement his needs, he plants rice.

Junaidi's life is much calmer now than it once was. Still, the mistakes from his past continue to haunt him. For 13 years he was an illegal logger in the forest around his residence in Begasing Hamlet, Sedahan Jaya Village, North Kayong Regency, West Kalimantan. The area is part of the protected Gunung Palung National Park area.

“Being a logger is actually not a good job. But, at that time there was no other choice, so I did it,” the 43-year-old told the Pontianak Post.

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