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Jalan Tobat Pembalak Liar


Indonesian farmer bends down to plant crops in a garden.
bahasa Indonesia

Liputan ini mengupas upaya sebuah rumah sakit di pedalaman Kalimantan Barat, tepatnya di Sukadana...


SETUMPUK: Ratusan chainsaw yang telah diserahkan mantan pembalak liar ke Klinik Asri.

It was morning as Asri Clinic staff members Agus Novianto and Irvan were getting ready to work. Their goal that day was to retrieve a chainsaw from the house of a resident, a former illegal logger in Sukadana. Agus speed up his motorbike to former illegal logger Sukindar's house. Roni Eka Satria, a forestry police officer of Tanjung Gunung National Park Management Resort, followed behind them.

In an ordinary house in Pangkalan Buton Village, Sukadana Sub-district, North Kayong District, Sukindar was waiting. He invited Agus, Irvan, and Roni to enter his house. Agus, who is in charge of the UMKM (micro small medium business) program at the Asri Clinic, explained that he intended to take the chainsaw owned by Sukindar. Local residents used to pronounce the chainsaw 'senso'. "After I take the chainsaw, Pak Sukindar will not be able to work cutting wood anymore," Agus said to Sukindar who was next to him.

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