Arthur Bizimana


Journalism Fund
Congo Basin

Arthur Bizimana is an award-winning Burundian journalist and specializes in agriculture, water, climate change, and economics. Starting as a contributor to the Think Tank Center for Business Development in the Great Lakes Region in 2018, he started working in journalism in 2019 as a writer for the online platform Akeza, which promotes the beauty of Burundi. He has published his freelance work in local media, such as La Nova. He started at Intege Magazine in 2020 and became Deputy Publishing Director of the Magazine on its agriculture and environment project in 2021. Currently, he is working as the Editor-in-Chief of the online newspaper Ibihe.

A year after starting in journalism, he won the 2020 National Communication Council Award with Intege Magazine. He is a recipient of InfoNile grants on the projects "Agricultural Water Management and Resilience in Pandemic Times" and "Strategic Water Resources Analysis Project in the Nile Basin." Since 2021, he has worked as a data journalist using the data journalism training he received from InfoNile in partnership with Code For Africa. At present, he is very interested in photography and documentary filmmaking.

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