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Story Publication logo December 31, 2023

Video: Forests and Parks Fall Victim to Small, Infertile Family Fields (French)


A farm landscape.

Our project demonstrates the consequences of the decline in family farmland.

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An English summary of this video is below. The original video published in French in Ibihe Org, follows.

The average farm size per household is declining in rural areas of the DRC and Burundi as a result of demographic pressure. This is followed by a loss of fertility due to overexploitation. As a result, the population is taking over forest areas to create fertile fields and is challenging the boundaries of parks and forests. There is also wildlife predation and the use of practices such as slash-and-burn agriculture. These new agricultural fields are weakening rivers such as the Rusizi in Burundi. In the DRC, migrations to virgin forests are no longer able to solve the problem of the fields, for more reasons than one, which are explored in this major collaborative report produced in Burundi by Arthur Bizimana and in the DRC by Hervé Mukulu with the support of the Rainforest Journalism Fund in partnership with the Pulitzer Center.

Courtesy of Ibihe Org, 2023.