Carolina Pinheiro


Journalism Fund

Carolina Pinheiro is a journalist with a career spaning over fifteen years.

A graduate of PUCRS, she has worked for newspapers and magazines in Brazilian states such as Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina, and São Paulo.

She took part in the team responsible for updating the Roteiros do Brasil project (MTur). She also produced a magazine about thermal-mineral tourism for ABIH-SC.

Pinheiro has coordinated the communications sector of the Instituto Carijós Pró-Conservação da Natureza (IC), an NGO that, for a decade, developed socio-environmental projects in the capital city of Santa Catarina and in Conservation Units located on the coast of the state (SC).

She was the assistant editor in the publication of the book Uma História da Mama for the Brazilian Congress of Mastology. She then worked as an online editor and reporter for Aventura&Ação magazine.

Since 2012, she has collaborated with important media outlets in the country and abroad, specializing in the environment and Brazilian popular culture. She also does projects such as photographic exhibitions, community workshops, and webdocs. She publishes mainly in National Geographic Brazil and Mongabay Brazil, and she is working to produce books such as Alma da Serra and the Comida de Verdade collection, the first volume being on ancestral food of the Amazon (www.amazoniacomidaancestral.com).

A few years ago, she founded the Nascente Casa Editorial, a startup based in São Paulo that develops documentary projects with a focus on journalistic content.

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