Duncan Lukoye


Journalism Fund
Congo Basin

Duncan Lukoye, a seasoned journalist based in Kenya, commands over eight years of specialized expertise in climate change, disasters, and sustainable development reporting. His unwavering dedication to environmental issues has led him to work closely with esteemed UN agencies, covering pivotal climate change conventions such as the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction and UN COP conventions. 

As a correspondent for VOA, Lukoye's passion has taken him far and wide, documenting the profound impacts of climate change while showcasing the innovative solutions devised by youth. His latest project, the groundbreaking documentary Eco-Warriors of Africa, produced under the VOA banner, provides a compelling narrative on the environmental challenges faced by the continent and the inspiring actions taken by its young changemakers. 

In addition to his remarkable journalistic endeavors, Lukoye actively contributes his expertise as a valued member of DIRAJ, where he serves as a multimedia editorial advisor. In this pivotal role, he provides strategic guidance and insights to ensure the production of impactful and informative multimedia content that drives awareness and understanding of critical environmental issues. 

With an authoritative tone reflecting his extensive professional experience and achievements, Duncan Lukoye stands at the forefront of climate journalism, illuminating the urgent need for sustainable solutions and inspiring positive change.

Duncan Lukoye