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Video: Kenya's Desert Alert


dry land

A Kenyan community of herdsmen have been on the move for five years in search of pasture, they are...

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Kenya is facing the aftermath of a severe five-year drought, the third in a decade and the worst in 40 years, resulting in significant loss and death. Concurrently, the nation has experienced substantial deforestation, losing 7.8% of its humid primary forest area from 2002 to 2022. This raises concerns about a potential correlation between forest depletion and recurring prolonged droughts or extreme weather conditions, posing a threat to the ecological capacity of arid and semi-arid lands. This documentary highlights the pressing need to address deforestation, underlining its potential threat to the ecological balance of arid and semi-arid regions.

Watch the documentary below:

Video courtesy of Zulani TV. Kenya, 2024.

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